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The overall structure were well balanced. I like the day-by-day program as well the level of information provided. I'm really satisfied with the information provided.

Mayya G.

Awesome work from Diego ! I'm a French consultant in Web3 and I recommend this with no hesitation 🙂

Julien S.

Nothing like meeting live with over 50 talented founders, consultants, brands, and curious minds.

Rubyna K.

One of the top Web3 experts in the current landscape, Diego Borgo, shares all his wisdom with the community packed with great content, use cases, and examples from other brands and experts.

Andrea M.

The additional tools and reading materials provided for the main content are of great value. The opportunity to pitch your own project and receive feedback from the class and Diego has been priceless.

Elena G.

I am extremely happy with the knowledge gained, connections made, and help that I received! I highly recommend this to anyone looking into the space that does not want to focus on the technical.

Tristan N.

I learned so much from Diego and also others within this community. I would highly recommend.

Tiffani B

I can fully recommend this to anyone who looks for hands-on guidance on how their brands can enter web3.

Dominik H

This gave me the chance to build a powerful network of web3 enthusiasts entrepreneurs.

Amalia M.

I initially assumed that it would only cover the fundamentals and that I already knew the majority of it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Hans H.

The Web3 community thrives on sharing knowledge, ideas and bringing everyone along. There is no better example of this leadership than Diego Borgo.

Elizabeth M.

Just a really well organized and structured community. Insights in all relevant key areas, supported by a great variety of industry specialists.

Christian R.

The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate to each course and resource. The whole experience has been amazing, with incredible support from the team and Diego!

Jess B.

Diego clearly knows what he's talking about By showing real cases and interviewing like-minded people, all the information he shared makes much more sense and prove that we about to see a real cultural revolution.

Bruno H.

This was an amazing with lots of value, insights and with an entertaining factor due to the high quality and interesting interviews.

Rosimar S.

Diego is fantastic. Great work. Very helpful to get the basic knowledge of the web3 eco system.

Can Florian A.

I acquired a powerful framework to set up a brand strategy (which all our clients have been asking for!) and met amazing individuals excited about making Web3 a win-win-win space!

Rossana R.

I've had the opportunity to meet and study with some great people all over the globe and subsequently connect with them here.

Navin S.


350+ reviews (4.8 of 5)

What is BorgoAcademy?

Exclusive Community of Industry Leaders:

  • Unlimited access to a network of Marketing Leaders. Learn from real-world successes and case studies.
  • Weekly Mastermind Sessions, Networking, and Community roundtable.
  • Save thousands of dollars with free access and discounts on next gen Marketing Tools.

In-depth Online Courses for Marketing Leaders:

  • Free Masterclass worth USD $597: Get instant access to “How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse and NFT Space”
  • Course Coming soon: Gen AI for Marketeers 👀
  • Course Coming soon: Mastering Web3 Loyalty. 👀

Expert Mentorship & Knowledge Of Now:

  • Personal Board of Advisors: Transform challenges into opportunities with expert mentorship.
  • Bi-weekly AMA with Diego & Friends on Web3, Metaverse, AI, etc.
  • Monthly interviews, AMA’s, and product demos with industry leaders.

I was fortunate enough to meet some incredible people from around the world all of whom with different outlooks, backgrounds and experiences. I thoroughly enjoyed learning and connecting through this experience and I look forward to following their journeys within the space.

Max W.

Engaging content and delivery. Diego explained broad and complex topics in an organized, step-by-step fashion that helped me understand and retain the information. The interviews were outstanding.

Trudy C.

I love the interviews and case studies. That way I can learn more from what is happening in the space.

Felipe C.

A huge compliment to Diego and the whole team. This was one of the best investments in my personal education so far. I would especially like to highlight the expertise and the structural preparation of the courses. However, the expert interviews were incredibly valuable, which once again confirmed that you are on the right track!

Marcel S.

This completely met the high expectations I had. Very well constructed script and fantastic didactics from Diego.

Pedro M.

Diego's content and dictation were incredible.

Bruno E.

I was mesmerized throughout this experience. Diego is an amazing communicator and professional. Without a doubt, he put all his knowledge and his soul into this and explained all the topics clearly and linear.

Daniele C.

Learned a lot and was astonished how many brands already entering the new tech stack. Thanks for the insights and the great interviews!

Andreas B.

Absolutely loved the content, the depth of this content, and the interviews. Thanks, Diego and the team.

Maria S.

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$49/ monthly
  • Unlimited access to a network of Marketing Leaders
  • Weekly Mastermind Sessions, Networking, and Community roundtable.
  • 24/7 Access to community chat
  • Full Masterclass access worth USD $597
  • New & updated in-depth online courses released regularly
  • Downloadable systems and frameworks
  • Bi-weekly AMA with Diego & Friends on Web3, Metaverse, AI, etc.
  • Monthly interviews, AMA’s, and product demos with industry leaders.
  • Save thousands of dollars with free access and discounts on next gen Marketing Tools.




















    Frequently asked questions

    What's BorgoAcademy all about?

    BorgoAcademy is a community designed to help you become a Marketing Leader in the next evolution of the internet.

    We’re here to arm you with everything from in-depth online courses and expert mentorship to access to an exclusive community of Marketing Leaders. If you’re looking to get a grip on the opportunities of Web3, Immersive Web, Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing and much more, you’re in the right spot.

    So it's just a Web3 and Metaverse course, right?

    No. In fact, having access to MULTIPLE courses is only part of the benefit members are entitled to. The membership will unlock: Networking with Marketing Leaders, AMA sessions, a Masterclass, Weekly community meetups, and much more.

    Why choose BorgoAcademy for Web3 and Metaverse learning?

    Here’s the deal: I have been navigating the Wild West of Web3 and the metaverse, helping Fortune 500 companies nail their strategy.

    BorgoAcademy distils all those lessons into something you can actually use. No fluff, just real, actionable insights to get you ahead in Web3 and the broader digital landscape.

    Why choose BorgoAcademy for Web3 and Metaverse learning?

    Anyone keen on mastering the ropes of Web3 and the Metaverse. Whether you’re chasing a Web3 job, building your own project, strategizing for a big brand, or just curious about what Mark Zuckerberg meant when he rebranded Facebook into Meta, our doors are wide open. It’s all about getting you prepped for top Web3 opportunities and beyond.

    What perks come with joining BorgoAcademy?

    Community: Unlimited access to a network of Marketing Leaders, so you can learn from real-world successes and case studies; Coaching Sessions; Discounts (up to 100%) on next gen Marketing Tools; Job opportunities shared by members and partners.

    In-depth Online Courses: Unlock our Masterclass worth USD $597 (“How Brands Should Enter The Metaverse and NFT Space”) for free; Upcoming courses including Roblox for Marketeers, Analytics 3.0, Mastering Web3 Loyalty and many other things that I’m cooking as we speak.


    Expert Mentorship: Engage with our Web3 and Metaverse mentors to help you turn challenges into opportunities with expert mentorship; Bi-weekly AMA with Diego & Friends on Web3, Metaverse, AI, Artificial Intelligence, Spatial Computing, etc; Monthly interviews, AMA’s, and product demos with industry leaders.

    What kind of mentorship can I expect?

    In short: Real-world experience and skills. That’s us. From a high-rated masterclass to upcoming in-depth courses we’re all about practical, actionable learning.

    Yes, theories are important and useful, but here you get access to actionable insights and experiences.

    How do BorgoAcademy courses stand out?

    Imagine having a personal board of advisors, including me, Diego, and a lineup of Web3 brains. We’re talking bi-weekly AMAs, monthly industry leader sessions, and insights that turn Web3 challenges into your playground. Perfect for anyone looking to dive into the web3 space and take their career to the next level.

    How do BorgoAcademy courses stand out?

    I could say “Because it’s the future”. But to be honest, Web3 and Metaverse are happening right now, and you better be ready.

    From big brands creating immersive experiences to innovative loyalty programs powered by blockchain, understanding these spaces opens up a world of possibilities and job opportunities.

    Some of the world’s biggest companies are already exploring gamified experiences on platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, developing products based on Spatial Computing, and discussing Analytics 3.0 metrics. And you don’t want to stay out of the loop.

    What's the vibe at BorgoAcademy?

    Think of us as your tribe in the Web3 and metaverse arenas. From Web3 internship opportunities to discussions on the latest in metaverse stock, it’s a melting pot of ideas, strategies, and real-world applications. And yeah, we keep it real – no buzzword salads here.

    How can BorgoAcademy boost my Web3 career/businesses/investments towards success?

    By keeping it 100% real. Everything you’ll learn here is battle-tested – from strategies that have propelled brands into the metaverse to lessons learned from my own missteps. We’re all about equipping you for real success in Web3 careers, metaverse investments, and more.

    What's the investment?

    $49 dollars a month gets you EVERYTHING I have listed above and to all the content I’ll keep adding.

    Yes, full access to our Inner Circle, courses, and all the mentorship you can soak up. It’s your ticket to mastering Web3 and making a mark in this exciting space, whether you’re after a Web3 career or creating the next big thing.