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After 10+ editions with nearly 3000 words each, I promise this one is going to be shorter 😆 😅 .


First, a massive THANK YOU – or as we say in my home country, MUITO OBRIGADO!

2023 has been nothing short of AMAZING, and it’s all thanks to you, our incredible Wild West of Web3 community. You folks are the real stars in this journey! 🎁🌟

Reflecting on the 20 editions we’ve rolled out this year, I’m blown away by the positive response we have gotten so far. It means a lot getting a DM on LinkedIn with things like “Hey, the latest edition helped me see a business opportunity” or when someone greets me during an event saying “That thing you wrote about X is interesting because…”.

Being a dad, husband, and entrepreneur made me understand how time is valuable, and makes me appreciate anyone who spends some minutes checking the content I craft. Once again: Thank you!

I’ll continue giving my best to deliver you as much value as I can.

Over these 20 editions, we have covered many different things within the Web3 space, and together we have witnessed how much this space is evolving.

I’m happy to see the diversity and depth we’ve explored:

Open loyalty

Smart Tokens


Social Media



Industrial Metaverse


Immersive experiences


It’s been like a thrilling ride, and I couldn’t have asked for better companions than you all.

Thanks to your invaluable contributions since edition #1, I can proudly say that we’ve grown a lot since our very first edition – both in numbers and in quality.

And since I mentioned “contributions”, at the end of this edition, you’ll find a few polls – this is the space you can share your feedback and help us keep improving. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your thoughts.

But hey, let’s not stop here! This is just the beginning of our adventure. As we gear up for 2024, expect more explorations, deeper dives into uncharted territories, and, of course, plenty more of my Pink Beanie insights! 😉

My personal mission is to help you become a Marketing Leader in the next internet evolution.

Are you in?

Spotlight: Rewind by Beehiiv

When I decided to start The Wild West of Web3 I wasn’t entirely sure which platform to host it in.

After a few attempts, I landed on Beehiiv, and, long story short, I’m glad I did.

As I said many times in past editions, their platform is super intuitive and lets me focus on what matters most – delivering value to you.

One cool thing they did to wrap up 2023 is the “Rewind” – basically, a compilation of the important numbers of each newsletter they host.

And of course, I’ll share ours with you 😃 :

That’s a LOT of words 😄 

Right now, we are over 10k

Soccer x Football ⚽️ 

This gives me some ideas…

Real talk: I’m not sponsored by Beehiiv at all. I’m just a regular paying customer who believes in their vision.

Here’s my referral link in case you decide to start 2024 sharing your passion through your very own newsletter. Yep, joining Beehiiv through this link benefits me, but trust me, I’d recommend them regardless.

Pink Beanie’s crystal ball:
Forecast for 2024

This goes without saying, but just for the sake of, well, saying it: the predictions below are 100% based on my experience and what I’ve been seeing over the last months dealing with Fortune 500 brands, creators, and Web3 start-ups.

So here’s what I think will get more attention next year:

1) AI 🤝 Blockchain

Despite many contrary opinions, I still believe AI is not a “Web3 Killer”.

In edition #13 I said “AI is another tool in our expansive Web3 toolbox”. For 2024 I believe we’ll keep seeing more interactions between AI and Blockchain. Keep an eye on “AI agents” (also covered in #13)

2) Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Speaking of AI: By now, you’ve probably seen many pictures and videos generated by AI – and going forward, it will become harder to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake.

So things like Tokenized Media (again, #13) and Zero-Knowledge (#17) will become vital.

3) Loyalty for the win

In edition #10 (one of my favorites) we talked about Open loyalty and the evolution of customer-brand relationships. Within this context, I believe a few things will shine in 2024:

Cross-industry and Cross-brands integration: Programs & rewards that can be used across different brands and sectors. In short, the word “interoperability” will become more and more popular.

Programs we can trust: Blockchain ensures data security and fosters trust. This will become even more relevant in the next years.

Money can’t buy: “Fandom” will become easier to measure, facilitating exclusive, one-of-a-kind rewards that drive engagement.

Dynamic Tokenization: Tokenized points that can be traded, redeemed, or used on different platforms

4) RWA (Real World Assets) Tokenization

We have covered a bit on this subject in #20, but this is something we’ll certainly keep exploring in 2024.

From a business perspective, tokenization can open multiple opportunities, including project funding, verifiable ownership for collectibles, digital twins, and many more.

And the one thing I believe will truly explode within the Web3 space in 2024:

5) Web3 Gaming

The biggest sector in the entertainment industry certainly won’t stay out of Web3.

There are AAA Web3 titles planned to be launched next year – and some mainstream names are already getting involved.

The gaming industry is worth around $250 BILLION. Imagine if 10% interacts with Web3…

Edition #8 was about Web3 gaming, but a lot has changed since then – so we’ll most certainly have an updated version very soon.


Not a prediction, but an actual spoiler: The “BorgoAcademy” you see next to The Wild West of Web3 will soon become something bigger.

Our journey into the Web3 rabbit hole is only getting started!

Your opinion matters:
Help us build a better experience

Before we say goodbye, I’d like to ask you all a big favor. Scrolling down, you’ll find 2 polls. They’ll help us fine-tune The Wild West of Web3 for its 2024 version.

(you may have to access a different tab to reply to this poll – and I truly appreciate it if you could do that)

Thank you for investing your time. I really appreciate it.

2024 will be WILD, expect to see a lot more of my Pink Beanie everywhere you go.

Diego Borgo

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